-- Task 5.1 - Crutial - CRitical Utility InfrastructurAL resilience

Task 5.1

Set-up of the modelling environment

This task will take place in the initial phases of the project. A first activity of the task will be the classification of the available tools with respect to their ability to model the critical infrastructure peculiarities as identified in WP2, followed by the identification of the "missing pieces", that could establish an insufficient descriptive power of the formalism, or an insufficient solution power for a formalism of interest.

A second activity of the task will be the inclusion of different formalisms and relative compositional rules (support for layer and/or hierarchies) and solution algorithms under an integrator tool, selected among existing tools appropriate for the specific analyses that will be conducted in this WP. As already mentioned, DrawNET and Mšbius seem to be good candidates to this purpose.


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