-- WP5 - Crutial - CRitical Utility InfrastructurAL resilience


Analysis and evaluation of control system scenarios

The overall goal of WP5 is to provide qualitative and quantitative support for the identification, the analysis and the evaluation of the control system scenarios identified in WP1 and applied in the testbeds of WP3, and enriched in their architectural solution by the work done in WP4. WP5 will receive inputs from WP1 (identification of elements of control system scenarios), from WP2 (modelling framework), WP3 (testbed-implemented instantiations of control system scenarios), and from WP4 (new architectural solutions for resilient ICT infrastructure in the power distribution domain).

Based on these inputs, WP5 will provide support for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the solutions proposed in WP3 and WP4. The analysis will be based on modelling, measurement and fault injection. More specifically, the objectives of WP5 are:

  • to represent system architectural blocks, threats and interdependencies and to quantify them;
  • to evaluate the degree of resilience obtained by middleware services and protocols from WP4 to achieve tolerance to both accidental faults and malicious attacks on the infrastructures;
  • to assess the ability of the deployed architectural solutions to limit the negative effects of interdependencies.

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