-- Task 4.1 - Crutial - CRitical Utility InfrastructurAL resilience

Task 4.1

Generic architecture

This task will develop the overall architecture framework, in which trusted run-time components may fit and co-operate to provide dependable services. Different incarnations of the architecture and of its components will be possible, with different functional and non-functional properties, depending on the applications to be served.

The anticipated requirements from the power grid infrastructures and applications will have an impact on several aspects of the architecture, namely: timeliness of computations and communications in incremental flavours of real-time; survivability by providing continuous operation despite the presence of transient and permanent faults in the infrastructure; adaptability by accommodating enhancements or expansions without incurring drastic changes to the existing infrastructure or to the quality of service. Service continuity may be provided through on-line software updates and flexible remote maintenance.



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