-- Task 1.2 - Crutial - CRitical Utility InfrastructurAL resilience

Task 1.2

Identification of new control applications

Two important evolutions are taking place in power control systems nowadays. Firstly, the control network is being used for business purposes. Secondly, centralised control is not sufficient to exploit the opportunities of e.g. Autonomous Electricity Networks based on distributed generation, and decentralised control is required.

For instance, during islanding mode, the distributed control agents in the microgrid must try to jointly optimize the power consumption so that loads are maintained – and if possible even restored – according to their priority level, and according to their compatibility with voltage and frequency levels that the microgrid can guarantee, given the local generation capacity and the amount of energy stored. During this phase of operation the microgrid may be divided if necessary in several smaller submicrogrids, operating at different voltage and frequency levels, interconnected by tap transformers or generation converters. This disconnecting and reconnecting of submicrogrids can improve reliability, and may simplify optimisation of the energy use. Each different submicrogrid can have different types of loads with different minimal requirements for voltage and frequency, and with different priority.

In the second task, new control applications are investigated, related to autonomous electricity networks with distributed resources, remote configuration functions of substation automation systems, monitoring and control systems which integrate information management networks with process control networks.

This task will perform a similar analysis (data, ICT, FMEA, ...) as in T1.1 but focused on the two innovative cases (using the control network for configuration and business information, and decentralised control). Such decentralised control can be used in order to optimise the system (e.g. tertiary control) or to ensure reliability of supply in case of blackout of the main grid (e.g. energy islands). It will hence be a relevant issue to mitigate fault propagation in the electric power system.


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