-- Management - Crutial - CRitical Utility InfrastructurAL resilience


The management of the project is structured as follows:

  • A steering board
  • A project manager
  • A technical board.

The following organisation of roles and responsibilities as also reporting and communication are identified to handle an efficient management of the Project from all its perspectives.

The Project will be supervised by a Steering Board that has full executive responsibility for the project. It is composed of one senior representative for each partner of the Consortium.

The representative is a person with the authority of making decisions on behalf of his company. The Board will have the primary responsibility of ensuring effective technical collaboration in pursuit of the overall aims of CRUTIAL. It manages the following aspects: overall project strategy, contractual aspects, principles for resource allocation, and quality assurance. The Steering Board meetings take place when needed on request of the Project Manager or of any partner representative and at least annually. This committee will ensure that the project runs successfully towards achieving the overall objectives of the project.

The CRUTIAL project is co-ordinated by Dr. Giovanna Dondossola (dondossola@cesiricerca.it), Expert Researcher in Networks and Infrastructures Department of CESI RICERCA.


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