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IAB Members

The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) will be set up and maintained along the duration of the project with the aim of establishing a group of experts from utilities, operators and vendors who will be informed about the project's progress and will be invited to provide their opinion during the project's evolution.

Siemens AG, Germany
Power Transmission and Distribution Logo Siemens
Technology and Innovation
Paul-Gossen-Stabe 100
91052 Erlangen, Germany

Siemens AG, Germany
Corporate TechnologyLogo Siemens
CT IC 3 - Security Technologies
Otto-Hahn-Ring 6
D-81730 Muenchen, Germany

PowerSystems, Scotland
Operation, SP Energy Networks
New Alderston House, Dove Wynd Strathclyde Business Park
Bellshill ML4 3FF, Scotland
PowerSystemsEFACEC Sistemas de Electrónica SA, Portugal
Rua Eng. Frederico Ulrich
Apartado 3078
4471- 907 MOREIRA DA MAIA Portugal

Statnett SF Telematikkdivisjonen, Norway  Statnett
Husebybakken 28 B
PO Box 5192 Majorstua
N-0302 OSLO, Norway

Enel Distribuzione SpA, Italy
Division Infrastructures and Network
Via Ombrone, 2
00198 - Rome

Svenska Kraftnat, Sweeden 
PO Box 526
S-162 15 Vällingby

Salten Kraftsamband AS, Norway
IT Department
PO Box 124, Eliasbakken 7
NO - 8205 Fauske


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